Wood floor type Engineered wood floor


Collection Made in France
Design features Unbrushed, brown copper tone matt oiled
Finish type Oiled wood floor
Width (mm) 139
Length (mm) 500 - 2000
Thickness (mm) 14
Facing thickness (mm) 3,4
Recommended use

for bedroom, hallway, living room, dining room, playroom,

kitchen, individual office and hotel room

Area Type Plywood
Chamfer 2 longitudinal chamfers
Laying CLICK
Compatible Heated floor YES

French Flamed Beech Copper 139

SKU: beech Cuivre 139
  • Beech is the second most frequent hardwood in our forests. Its flamed appearance, characterised by brown lines at the heart of the trunk, produces wood floor planks with very contrasting shades.

    Combined with an oiled “Cuivre” finish, this dark wood floor gains elegance and brings a chic and felted atmosphere to your living room.