Design Plank 1-Strip
Wood type Ash Olive Grey
Surface texture brushed
Bevel 4V
Surface finishes oleovera
Installation system Top Connect
Insulation layer
Installation height / series 4000
Warranty 30 years
ID no. 529065
Price €/s 108,00
Dimensions (H x W x L) 13,5 x 173 x 2200 mm
Content/pack 8 Pieces = 3,05 m² per pack
Package weight 22,33 kg per pack (7,32 kg per m2 )

HARO Plank 1-Strip 4V Ash Olive Grey Expressive brushed

SKU: 529065
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    The new oleovera natural oil finish gives the wood surface a smooth, matt look and underlines its warm, lively expression.