Design Plank 1-Strip
Wood type Oak Tobacco Grey
Grade Sauvage
Surface texture retro brushed
Bevel 4V
Surface finishes naturaLin plus Natural oil finish
Special properties
Installation system Top Connect
Insulation layer
Installation height / series 4000
Warranty 30 years
ID no. 530795
Dimensions (H x W x L) 13,5 x 180 x 2200 mm
Content/pack 8 Pieces = 3,17 m² per pack
Package weight 23,20 kg per pack (7,32 kg per m2 )

Plank 1-Strip 4V Oak Tobacco Grey Sauvage retro brushed

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    • Natural to vibrant wood texture with a greater amount of knots
    • Cracks, filled points and wormholes possible
    • Look: Trendy, rustic



    Anyone who is looking for a very expressive and natural parquet floor.